Spring Foundation of NCTU
Peter Lin
“NCTU’s unique spirit of being stay grateful for the help you received rests in the powerful cohesion of our alumni. ...more
NCTU’s unique spirit of being stay grateful for the help you received rests in the powerful cohesion of our alumni. Upholding this legacy, Spring Foundation of NCTU has already, step by step, marched into its third decade with alumni selfless support of and expectation toward the school.
       In addition to donations to establish this Foundation, its assets also consist of donations accumulated from alumni and earnest partners throughout past years. Guided by each year of board of directors, this Foundation has sponsored and participated in many university development programs and campus events. We hope it is our legacy left for future years that with this platform, we can unite the power of even more alumni, expand the collection of resources, facilitating the school to go toward the target of “being a great university” step by step.
       Please allow me to express my thanks to all friends of Spring Foundations of NCTU. Let’s stick together and continue our hard work for National Chiao Tung University!
Founding Story
Ever since reopening in Hsinchu in 1958, National Chiao Tung University has cultivated more than 80,000 talented individuals in the fields of science & technology, management and culture, who are now working in a variety of fields covering industry, government, academia and research, constituting an influential force of alumni. The Spring Foundation of NCTU was officially founded on July 23, 1994 upon the approval by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, attributed to the initiation jointly by enthusiasts from all walks of life and alumni, and the donation from Glyn T.H Yin, Stan Shih, Ding-Hua Hu, Yo-Chun Chiao, Ming-Jen Chien, Hung-Ching Yeh, Peter Chen, Kuo-Hua Chang, Andrew Chiu, Robert Tsao. In appreciation for the endeavor and contribution from alumni in the reopening process of NCTU, Mr. Hung-Hsun Ling, the first principal of NCTU after it was reopened, had autographed and built in Po-Ai Campus a stone tablet with the inscription in Chinese for “Stay Grateful” the motto then became a belief shared by everyone in NCTU and hence origin of the name for Spring Foundation of NCTU.
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Plan of Enhancing Soft Power
We are to sponsor NCTU’s Plan of Enhancing Soft Power, recruit international department chairs and brilliant young teachers in an effort to raise the school’s academic research capacity to a world-class level, build first-class research teams, and improve the quality of instruction and research.
Holding Spring Scientific Creativity Contestplus
Given waves of science and technology advancements and changes in generations of role models, versatility shall be a must to talents in the future. To help NCTU to absorb academically excellent high-school students, who are also good at independent thinking, creativity and teamwork, this Foundation has cooperated with NCTU in hosting this contest, which draws nearly 1,000 high-school teamed up students annually. With domino-game-like knowledge integration of chemistry and physics, the contest is to be played in the manner of scientific creativity objectives to challenge the participant’s intelligence quotient, patience, attentiveness, teamwork spirit and creativity. NCTU’s characteristic ICT is expected to be integrated in the contest to make it even more rich and diversified.
Build up An Artistic and Culturally Rich Campus
To flavor a science-and-technology dominated university like NCTU with accents of literature and art and set up a living environment blended with science, technology, literature and art, this Foundation continues to support a variety of art shows and activities. With years of great efforts, the NCTU Arts Center has become a leading player in campus arts across Taiwan, highlighted by its highly regarded performing arts programs.
Attract Excellent Students from All over The World
Global integration is one of key metrics of an international first-class university, whereby each country strives to attract excellent students from all over the world. To respond to the Ministry of Education policy requiring global integration of universities, NCTU has not only constructed its international campus to offer foreign students quality learning space, but also proactively visited countries to promote Taiwain as a study destination to attract top international talents. This Foundation offers financial support for purpose of expenditures, renders a platform for NCTU international students and alumni enterprises, and serves as a bridge between international talents and companies in need.
Major Programs for the Year
II. The Promoting Campus Entrepreneurship Integrated Program
As a model school in creative entrepreneurship designated by the Ministry of Education, NCTU has never spared efforts in promoting start-up businesses on campus by offering favorable conditions for start-up businesses, allowing the entrepreneurship to be passed on for several decades. By initiating the Promoting Campus Entrepreneurship Integrated Program, this Foundation allows NCTU alumni to assist campus entrepreneurship teams or students aspiring in starting up a business to fulfill their dreams. With the support being passing on from the older to the younger like a chemical reaction under positive influence, the campus is expected to see research results translated into business development.
Campus Entrepreneurship Seed Fund
Considering the fact that most of the start-up businesses on campus are formed by students who are less likely to be viewed positively by corporations or venture capital at the early stages and therefore would possibly lose the chance to commercialize their own innovation or new technology, this Foundation worked to found the Seed Fund with funds collected from enthusiastic alumni. It offers support to business start-up teams in the expectation of more NCTU-based entrepreneurs in the future. Those supported and successful teams are required to reward the Seed Fund, in a bid to “pay it forward” and practice the spirit of “stay grateful.”
Venture Innovation Program
Venture Innovation Program
This program is a cross-college, cross-industry and academia and even, in the future, a cross-border integrated platform of venture innovation. This Foundation has built up this platform to let every participant create values and achieve benefits for all involved. Students are expected to learn the process and mechanism of innovation venture from related activities and from participating industry experts and teachers, all while expanding their personal social network.
NCTU Venture Eco-system Promotion Program
This integrated program, which was proposed and formulated by the Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration, offers a field with more opportunities for students to innovate their thinking and make friends with more foreign people, students and innovation experts. It encourages students to form clubs, such as NCTU-IEC and NCTU Strong Chance, and offers opportunities to the members for enjoying advanced knowledge, expanding social connections and exchanging venture experiences, in a bid to improve “ability for innovation” and “spirit of entrepreneurship” among NCTU students.
Offering Assistance to NCTU Research Centers
This Foundation is, in the future, to select promising centers with competitive edges within NCTU as its target for support, and assist these centers in promoting academia-industry collaboration, technology transfer and company spin off.